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Some photos taken with my Casio EX-Z4A
These are about 2 MB.  Click to enlarge

The Z4A is for Europe & Asia.  The Z4U is US.  More info.

Two photos stitched with Panavue

CIMG0026.JPG (1797118 bytes)
Crab dinner in Tokyo

CIMG0041.JPG (1848059 bytes)
Night life in Tokyo

CIMG0099.JPG (1877823 bytes)
Port Angeles, WA

CIMG0097.JPG (1939703 bytes)
My lovely wife on Pete's lot

CIMG0098.JPG (1860113 bytes)
Port Angeles, WA

CIMG0074.JPG (1770152 bytes)
Taken from a dirty plane window.
Notice the
"frozen" prop

CIMG0075.JPG (1897372 bytes)
That blip in the upper left corner is the prop.

CIMG0073.JPG (1925723 bytes) CIMG0071.JPG (1878436 bytes)
CIMG0142.JPG (1854916 bytes) CIMG0148.JPG (1828654 bytes) CIMG0150.JPG (1826283 bytes)  

Some photos taken with BettyLou's EX-Z3
These were taken with less resolution

CIMG0804.JPG (423586 bytes)
Our Sequim lot
courthouse.JPG (412794 bytes) CIMG0527.JPG (435082 bytes) jury box.JPG (407767 bytes)
CIMG0534.JPG (436544 bytes) CIMG0533.JPG (420076 bytes) CIMG0536.JPG (426252 bytes) CIMG0537.JPG (226887 bytes)
clock mechanism2.JPG (433854 bytes) CIMG0528.JPG (417605 bytes) CIMG0529.JPG (439701 bytes) clockface.JPG (437315 bytes)
CIMG0535.JPG (434247 bytes) CIMG0531.JPG (418228 bytes) BL&clock.JPG (424139 bytes) CIMG0672.JPG (428879 bytes)